Cartel of Defiance

cartel of defiance (noun): 1. In medieval combat, a formal declaration, delivered by herald, of a combatant's intention to fight and refusal to submit. 2. An electronic assemblage of engaged and enraged citizens. 3. An intertextual mode of reading, writing, and thinking that puts the current political, cultural, and personal moment in dialogue with text/art from the past in counterargument to the ahistorical Memory Hole into which America seems to have slipped.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Ahmed Rashid, Losing the War on Terror, Washington Post, Sept 11 2006: "In the five years since Sept. 11, the tactics and strategy of Islamic extremists fighting U.S. or NATO forces have improved dramatically. To a degree they could not approach five years ago, the extremists are successfully facing off against the overwhelming technological apparatus that modern armies can bring to bear against guerrillas. Islamic extremists are winning the war by not losing, and they are steadily expanding to create new battlefronts. . . . No doubt on all these battlefields Islamic extremists are taking massive casualties -- at least a thousand Taliban have been killed by NATO forces in the past six months. But on many fronts there is an inexhaustible supply of recruits for suicide-style warfare. Western armies, with their Vietnam-era obsession with body counts, are not lessening the number of potential extremists every time they kill them but are actually encouraging more to join, because they have no political strategy to close adjacent borders and put pressure on the neighbors."

Dick Cheney, Meet The Press, Sept 10 2006: "But just in the last 48 hours we’ve killed 130-some Taliban in, in southern Afghanistan."


Blogger &y said...

Rumsfeld: Ah, the Taliban. Yes. The Taliban have been trying to re-form in various parts, the east and the south of Afghanistan. It's hard to get good, hard intelligence as to the numbers. But the numbers I have heard and seen have been in the neighborhood of somewhere between a hundred and 200, which is fairly large number for Taliban forces, given the current situation. . . .

-- National Press Club, Sept. 10, 2003

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